The road from Knysna to Brenton with its marvellous sea views from the Knysna Featherbed to Buffalo Bay, leaves an unmistakeable feeling that, if there is a perfect and peaceful dwelling place on this earth, then Lake Brenton would be amongst the few considerations.

Here, nestled on the water’s edge, under a canopy of ancient milkwood and yellowwood trees, with stunning views of the majestic Heads and the bustling town of Knysna on the opposite shore, is a unique and beautiful resort.

As a holiday destination, Lake Brenton resort has plenty to offer. . . .

Go down to the water’s edge on the lagoon and fish from the shore or paddle among the boats and canoes; relax on the beach or use the resort as a base to explore the delights and attractions of the Garden Route.

Lake Brenton is far enough away to be serenely peaceful, yet close enough to Knysna central to allow holidaymakers a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences to choose from; from a range of sporting activities to shopping; from champagne to haute cuisine; from the famous Knysna oyster to the taste of locally brewed beer ….